Academy Cinemas is proud to present crowd-pleasing classics, both as special additions to our $5 Wednesday lineup PLUS special Cult Night festivals and double-features! Explore the upcoming classics below: 

John Carpenter Cult Nights

Academy Cinemas is bringing in 4K restorations of John Carpenter's most prestigious horror films, which will screen on Friday nights starting from the 16th of August. Try to make it to all four of our Cult Nights!

Cult Night: The Fog

94 mins | Rated M

Friday August 16

Cult Night: Escape From New York

105 mins | Rated R16

Friday August 23

Cult Night: Prince of Darkness

103 mins | Rated M

Friday August 30

Cult Night: They Live

93 mins | Rated R16

Friday September 06

Killer Queens Double-Feature Returns!

Academy Cinemas are bringing back our popular Killer Queens double-feature! This time we're playing 'Whatever Happened to Baby Jane' (1962) starring Joan Crawford and Bette Davis, followed by 'Hush... Hush Sweet Charlotte' (1964) with Bette Davis and Olivia de Havilland!
As a special treat, this double-feature will be MC-ed by rising Auckland drag entertainers Murella and Drew Blood with some hilarious Bette Davis and Joan Crawford inspired numbers!

Special Father's Day Event: Classic Western Double-Feature

Come along to our Sergio Corbucci Father's Day Spaghetti Western Double Feature! Tickets on sale soon.
'Django' (1966) is one of the greatest Spaghetti Westerns ever made, and without a doubt the most influential. 
'The Great Silence' (1968) is a bleak, brilliant and violent vision of an immoral, dishonorable West.

$5 Wednesday Classics - Coming Soon!

Heathers (1988)

103 mins | Rated M-VL

Heathers (1988)

103 mins | Rated M-VL

Wednesday August 21