Documentary Series

Academy Cinemas is dedicated to bringing you exclusive, advanced and special event screenings of the latest and greatest reality cinema. Thought provoking. Important. Artistic nonetheless. 

Monday May 15th 8:00pm 

Join us for an advanced screening of the New Zealand Documentary Pecking Order. Director Slavko Martino will join us for Q&A following the event. 

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Sunday 1st June 5:00pm

This new doco will be releasing exclusively at Academy Cinemas in New Zealand. Celebrate the return of Twin Peaks and get to know one of the most stylistic directors of all time. This new doco is sure to be a favourite with both avid and new fans of Lynch. 

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Saturday 10th June 6:30pm 

On the banks of the Tigris the hidden story of Iraqi Music. Winner, Best Documentary, Baghdad International Film Festival will have a special screening at Academy Cinemas with Director Marsha Emerman in the country to give a Q&A at the cinema following the film. 

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Thursday 25th May 6:30pm

BAFTA-winning documentarian Nick Broomfield and music video director Rudi Dolezal trace the forces that contributed to Whitney Houston's shortened career.

Whether it be racism, religion, drugs, sexuality, self-doubt, gossip, rivalry, insufficient training, the demands of parents and the industry, a troubled marriage playing out in headlines, or the inevitable toll those stresses take from so muscular and passionate a singer, the directors leave nothing unturned. They create a picture of a remarkable woman who needed more help than she received and provide an unflinching, gripping, and wholly committed exploration of talent given and taken away, in an era obsessed with how that talent lives when the stage lights go down.

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